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Machine Vision, Industrial Cameras, Imaging Systems - OpteamX

OpteamX is a dynamic company specializing in machine vision components and solutions that is headquartered in Azor near Tel Aviv, Israel.
Having constantly extended its product range along with its customer base, OpteamX holds its current status as one of the leading companies specializing in machine vision, industrial cameras and imaging systems in Israel.

Our Customers

Our customer base consists of Israel's leading companies in various fields such as industrial automation, medical and research imaging, security and traffic technology, print and packaging, entertainment and others.
Israeli companies are responsible for many innovations and technological achievements in numerous fields. OpteamX Industrial Cameras helps these fine achievers complete their latest developments by supplying them the best components for machine vision the world has to offer.
In order to provide our clients the most suitable answer for their needs, our company is constantly on the search for novelties throughout the world. We help our clients save time and money while bringing their ideas to reality.

Our Products

OpteamX is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and all our products are carefully chosen by parameters of quality, performance, guarantee and service. Our collection of industrial cameras consists of a wide selection of characteristics such as main interfaces (USB2.0, USB3.0, GigE, Cameralink, Firewire A & B, Analog); visible light to infra-red light, CCD to CMOS, analog to digital (providing an "easy to use" software for maximum performance), resolution from VGA to 29MP, cooled cameras, HDR cameras; frame rate from 3fps to 400fps, and much more. Our collection of optics consists of the following types of lenses; Fixed to Vari-Focal; Fixed to Vari-Zoom; pinhole and mini-lenses (M12/M13/M14 lenses) to motorized zoom; high and super-high resolution lenses; Macro lenses, telecentric lenses, SWIR lenses (fixed and motorized zoom) and special made lenses.

OpteamX also provides off the shelf as well as customized illumination solution for maximum visibility; including various: high uniformity bar lights, ring lights, coaxial lights, back lights, collimated back lights and many, many more… Frame Grabbers and additional accessories.

Our Main Partners

OpteamX Industrial Cameras is the proud exclusive distributor of some of the world's finest machine vision component manufacturers:

  • Watec cameras - Analog cameras.
  • IDS - USB2.0, USB3.0 & GigE digital cameras / Frame grabbers.
  • Allied Vision - Digital cameras: GigE, Firewire A & B, USB3.0, Cameralink.
  • Beck Optronic Solution – SWIR lenses and customized lenses
  • Computar / Tokina / Tamron / Kowa / SpaceCom / Ricoh- Pentax / Myutron /Theia - CCTV lenses.
  • Infinity - Special and custom made lenses.
  • Carl Zeiss - Wide format lenses.
  • Opto - Special and custom made lenses.
  • OPT – Illumination

Our Promise

OpteamX is committed to supplying its customers with up-to-date high quality products, technical know-how, and excellent service!

We invite you to browse our site and to join the family of our customers!

MOD supplier number: 83-523834
IAI supplier number: IP767

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