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Beck Optronic Solutions

"With a pioneering pedigree dating back to 1839, Beck Optronic Solutions designs and manufactures precision optical solutions. Based in Hemel Hempstead, UK, BOS has comprehensive capabilities for the design and manufacture of complex, integrated optical systems for defence and commercial use across the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR & LWIR wavebands.

Such comprehensive and advanced capabilities are rare in a single Company. We offer Clients in defence and commercial sectors the opportunity to source leading-edge optical solutions at competitive prices from an established UK Company with an outstanding track record of innovation."



Fixed Focal(6) Maksutov telescope(1) Zoom(1)

Focal length

100mm(1) 150mm(1) 20-200mm(1) 25mm(1) 35mm(1) 500mm(1) 50mm(1) 75mm(1)



Iris type



(1) C(7)
Model Type Focal length Format Iris type Mount MOD F number
D1811-01 Fixed Focal 25mm C 1.4-22
D1811-02 Fixed Focal 35mm C 1.4-22
D1811-03 Fixed Focal 50mm C 1.8-22
D1811-04 Fixed Focal 75mm 2.0-22
D1811-05 Fixed Focal 100mm C 3.0-22
D1811-06 Fixed Focal 150mm C 3.0-22
BOS 20-200mm SWIR Zoom Lens Zoom 20-200mm C 4.0-20
BOS 500mm SWIR Maksutov Maksutov telescope 500mm C 6.25
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