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IEEE 1394 Trade Association

1394 Trade Association is a non-profit industry association devoted to the promotion of and growth of the market for IEEE 1394-compliant products.
Participants in working groups serve voluntarily and without compensation from the Trade Association. Most participants represent member organizations of the 1394 Trade Association. The specifications developed within the working groups represent a consensus of the expertise represented by the participants.

Background of the Trade Association and IEEE 1394
The 1394 Trade Association was founded in 1994 to support the development of computer and consumer electronics systems that can be easily connected with each other via a single serial multimedia link. The IEEE 1394 multimedia connection enables simple, low cost, high bandwidth isochronous (real time) data interfacing between computers, peripherals, and consumer electronics products such as camcorders, VCRs, printers, PCs, TVs, and digital cameras. With IEEE 1394 compatible products and systems, users can transfer video or still images from a camera or camcorder to a printer, PC, or television, with no image degradation. The 1394 Trade Association includes more than 170 companies and continues to grow.

Members of the 1394 Trade Association
The 1394 Trade Association is comprised of more than 170 member companies. Membership is still in a rapid growth phase, with approximately one company a week joining the 1394 TA. The membership consists of a number of companies of every size in almost every sector of the electronics industry. Some of the best known names in the 1394 TA membership are Sony, Intel, Microsoft, JVC, Matsushita, Compaq, NEC, Philips, Samsung, among other well respected electronics institutions.

Organization of the 1394 Trade Association
The 1394 TA is incorporated as a nonprofit trade organization. Its Board of Directors and Chair are volunteers elected from the membership of the association. The 1394 TA maintains an office in Southlake, Texas, with paid staff that execute the programs organized by the 1394 TA membership. 

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