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Zoom Module Cameras - OpteamX

Zoom cameras are modules that combine a photo sensor with a built-in lens that allows remote control of both the shooting functions and the lens features (zoom, focus, shutter). The resulting image is high resolution and full HD quality. The image is produced using LVDS technology. Opteamx  offers a wide range of cameras with different sensors and lens ranges. In addition, we offer interface boards that connect to the camera's output and enable video transmission using different technologies such as USB, HDMI, HDSDI, ANALOG, IP, WIFI, all according to customer needs.


Main features

• Optical vibration compensation function prevents blurring of images in vibrating environments, and ensures clear and sharp images (in some models)

• Compact size light weight (starting at 77 g) allows reuse of current assemblies and saves installation space

• Video output is compatible with 1920 × 1080 Full HD

• High resolution camera for a huge number of applications

• Integration of design and technology ensures high image contrast.



Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Industrial photography.


Underwater applications

Security / Surveillance

Pipe testing



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