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"Emergent Vision Technologies develops Ultra High Speed cameras for industrial imaging and machine vision applications. Emergent's cameras are flexible and smart with the ability of on-board processing to enhance productivity and solve complex imaging problems quickly and effectively. This yields benefits to industrial markets by minimizing footprint and reducing the need for expensive peripheral equipment. Savings of up to 50% lower footprint and 40% cost savings.
Emergent Vision Technologies serves a variety of application market spaces, including:
Diagnostic Analysis, Semiconductor Inspection, Web Inspection, Flat Panel Inspection, Electronics Inspection, Parts Inspection, Food Inspection, High speed Machine vision."


0.8-2MP (3) 3-6MP (3) 8-29MP (3)


10GigE (9)

Sensor type



1" (2) 2/3" (4) 28MM (3)


C-Mount (6) F-Mount (3)
Model Interface Resol (px) Sensor type Format Color/B/W FPS Shutter Housing Resolution
HS-12000C 10GigE 4096X3072 CMOSIS 28MM Color 87 Global F-Mount 8-29MP
HS-12000M 10GigE 4096X3072 CMOSIS 28MM Monochrome 87 Global F-Mount 8-29MP
HS-12000N 10GigE 4096X3072 CMOSIS 28MM NIR 87 Global F-Mount 8-29MP
HS-2000C 10GigE 2048x1088 CMOSIS 2/3" Color 338 Global C-Mount 0.8-2MP
HS-2000M 10GigE 2048x1088 CMOSIS 2/3" Monochrome 338 Global C-Mount 0.8-2MP
HS-2000N 10GigE 2048x1088 CMOSIS 2/3" NIR 338 Global C-Mount 0.8-2MP
HS-4000C 10GigE 2048x1088 CMOSIS 1" Color 179 Global C-Mount 3-6MP
HS-4000M 10GigE 2048x1088 CMOSIS 1" Monochrome 179 Global C-Mount 3-6MP
HS-4000N 10GigE 2048x1088 CMOSIS 2/3" NIR 179 Global C-Mount 3-6MP
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