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Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC)



"We design, develop, and manufacture optical component such as lens, prism, and illumination for machine vision. Our goal is to provide the best product which meet customer's requirement for machine vision application."




Focal length

100mm(1) 10mm(1) 12mm(1) 15mm(1) 16mm(1) 20mm(1) 25mm(3) 3.5mm(1) 35mm(2) 4.8mm(1) 4mm(1) 50mm(2) 6mm(2) 7.5mm(1) 75mm(2) 8mm(1)


1/2"(6) 2/3"(16)

Iris type



Model Type Focal length Format Iris type Mount MOD F number
FV0420 4mm 1/2" C F2.0
FV0622 6mm 1/2" C F2.2
FV1022 10mm 1/2" C F2.2
FV1520 15mm 2/3" C F2.0
FV2020 20mm 2/3" C F2.0
FV2520 25mm 2/3" C F2.0
FV3020 25mm 2/3" C F2.0
FV3519 50mm 2/3" C F1.9
FV5025 35mm 2/3" C F2.5
FV7538 75mm 2/3" C F3.8
PHF3.5 1.6 3.5mm 1/2" C F1.6
JF4.8 1.8 4.8mm 2/3" C F1.8
MV0614 6mm 1/2" C F1.4
JF7.5 1.4 7.5mm 2/3" C F1.4
MV0813 8mm 2/3" C F1.3
MV1214 12mm 1/2" C F1.4
MV1614 16mm 2/3" C F1.4
MV2514 25mm 2/3" C F1.4
MV3519 35mm 2/3" C F1.9
MV5018 50mm 2/3" C F1.8
MV7527 75mm 2/3" C F2.7
13VM2812ASII 100mm 2/3" C F3.5
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