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Opto: Vision Solutions

Opto offers various compact imaging modules for system integrators and machine manufacturers

Imaging modules are cameras with integrated optics, illumination and electronics for a specific application. These high-resolution optical-illumination-camera-electronic solutions are ideal for use in measuring machines, testing devices, roundness testing machines or directly in the production line.

For over 3 decades, Opto has evolved in to a leading developer of innovative optical modules and systems to a diverse international customer base. Specialising in microscopy and machine vision solutions , Opto take pride in developing market leading vision solutions for the most advanced inspection applications. Visit Opto's website...

 Machine Vision Microscope

  • 'Digital' microscope is built into the housing of the IM-series
  • compact design
  • Brightfield coaxial illumination
  • Darkfield ring light
  • Illumination can be switched at any time
  • integrated measuring software

Imaging Modules for Industrial & Non-Industrial Applications

  • Various high resolution, perfectly optimised closed-loop optical designs coupled directly to the latest onboard imaging sensors - no camera needed.
  • One wire direct USB3 image output & compatibility to most machine vision software packages.
  • Ultimate imaging performance, simple integration, guaranteed performance first time – every time.
  • A perfectly optimised configuration of optic, camera and LED.
  • Housed in an ultra-compact form factor designed specifically for machine integration. 
  • Optically pre-calculated and tested by specialists enabling the user to achieve perfect results without needing deep optical knowledge. 
  • Significantly shorten system development times for machine builders and integrators.
  • Robust and clean aluminium design, different layouts to dress spatial conditions.