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“Our security lenses protect and support our lives, installed in different critical infrastructure around the globe. Our machine vision lenses support industry, being the eyes to accelerate automation of critical processes.

Since its entry to the CCTV lens market in mid 80’s, Kenko Tokina CCTV division has been producing lenses with particular focus on performance, durability and quality.

The expertise of Kenko Tokina dedicated to optics and optical filters for consumer and broadcast cameras has been based upon unique experience in designing and manufacturing products of highest quality and performance. Utilizing the expertise, we integrate our own innovative elements into industrial field providing extraordinary products with top specifications at affordable prices.

Our continuous and ambitious product development combined with close customer contact generates ideas desired by our customers, fulfilling application demands. Capturing clear image in tough environmental conditions such as darkness, rain and fog, one of remarkable examples of our philosophy, supporting our customers with reliable tool for their applications.

Kenko Tokina. With state of the art optical devices. With uncompromised quality.


​For expert product advice, customizations, and project technical support, reach out to our Engineering Support Center helpline 03-5168844 or fill out the online form.

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