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OpteamX offers exclusive top quality analog (video composite) machine vision camera by leading manufacturers around the world such as Watec &, Teli-Toshiba.

Our analog machine vision camera is lightweight, compact and miniature sized, color and monochrome CCD and CMOS. These fine machine vision camera is aimed for use in surveillance, image processing and FA systems.

Analog/HDSDI Cameras Features

  • Compact size

  • lightweight

  • Monochrome and color

  • Day & night

  • Pixel correction

  • High resolution

  • Extremely sensitive for light (0.000005lx)

  • Low power consumption

  • C-CS mount / M12 / Pinhole

  • A 3 year warrantee period.

Analog/HDSDI Cameras Brands


​For expert product advice, customizations, and project technical support, reach out to our Engineering Support Center helpline 03-5168844 or fill out the online form.

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