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CoaxPress Cameras

The CXP interface, which is new in the world of industrial photography, enables high-speed data transmission, using a single cable for up to 100 meters, without decreasing the quality of the data.

Up to 50MP resolution, Global Shutter / Rolling Shutter sensors, compatible to a variety of Frame Grabbers.

CoaXpress is a new technology for digital transfer of images between digital cameras and a computer. CXP has an advantage over most other technologies, especially the simplicity of the infrastructure, speed, timeliness, and low load on the computer. There are a variety of cameras manufacturers and capture cards. A robust multi-camera solution, or an analog infrastructure upgrade.

CoaxPress Cameras Features

  • A long, simple cable

  • High speed

  • Information, power, and trigger signals on the same cable.

  • Do not load the computer

  • Electromagnetic isolating cable.

  • Protocol built for modern cameras.

  • Material characteristics in working with FrameGrabber

  • Does not load the processor: Image directly to the GPU / Memory

  • Fast connection to 4 cameras / one very fast

  • Using CXP standards (familiar with cameras)

  • Accurate, reliable and very fast trigger

  • Capture card software package

CoaxPress Cameras Brands


​For expert product advice, customizations, and project technical support, reach out to our Engineering Support Center helpline 03-5168844 or fill out the online form.

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