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SWIR Cameras

SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) vision industrial cameras are specialized imaging devices used in various industrial applications where conventional visible light cameras fail to perform optimally. These cameras are sensitive to short-wave infrared light, typically ranging from about 900 to 2200nm, allowing them to capture images in low-light conditions and through certain materials. SWIR cameras are invaluable in various industries including semiconductor inspection, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, enabling tasks like quality control, defect detection, and sorting.

SWIR Cameras Features

  • Extended spectral range

  • High sensitivity

  • Low-noise performance.

  • High frame rates

  • Versatile applications

  • Customizable settings

  • Reliability

  • Material Analysis

  • Night Vision

SWIR Cameras Brands


​For expert product advice, customizations, and project technical support, reach out to our Engineering Support Center helpline 03-5168844 or fill out the online form.

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