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OpteamX is a dynamic company specializing in machine vision components and solutions that is headquartered in Azor near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Having constantly extended its product range along with its customer base, OpteamX machine vision companies holds its current status as one of the leading machine vision companies, industrial cameras and imaging systems fields in Israel.

We provide our exclusive solutions to Israel's leading companies, in various industries ranging from industrial automation, medical and research imaging to security and traffic technology.

OpteamX is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all of our products are carefully chosen by parameters of quality, performance, guarantee and service.

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What’s new?

New USB3.0 ML - Light yet robust!

The new ML USB3.0 camera families offer class A light & robust housing! 41gr, 47x46x28mm, 2 GPIOs, opto-decoupled trigger and flash, C/CS lens mount for wide selection of lenses!

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The new Goldeye SWIR camera

The Goldeye is a short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera. It has a spectral response from 900 nm to 1700 nm. Its InGaAs sensors feature high sensitivity, very good linearity, and a high damage threshold against intense illumination. 

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uEye LE Boards Level Industrial Camera

Compact CMOS single-board GigE camera with excellent image quality and many additional features!
Up to 100 meters cable lengths, Ideal for applications with space restrictions, 60 MB of internal image memory - Ideal for multi-camera operation, Weighs just 14 g - Ideal for applications in robotics and microscopy! Available in CS-mount, S-mount (M12) or board level.

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Mako – Little big shot!

Compact GigE Vision camera with PoE, CCD and CMOS sensors The Mako is an industrial camera with an excellent price/performance ratio. Mako cameras have the same compact form factor and the same mounting positions as many analog cameras. All models include PoE, three optocoupled outputs, and a 64 MB image buffer.

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WAT-910HX – Extra Low-light analog camera!

With Sensitivity of up to 0.000005lx. the WAT-910HX can almost see in complete darkness! Equipped with an On Screed display this camera can optimize the user's experience. Camera includes 3D noise reduction (3DNR), digital wide dynamic range, dead pixel correction and motion detection.

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